Published on 9 May 2019

The level of automation is a good indicator of industrial dynamism. The issues vary greatly depending on the sector.

My job is to run simulations using CAE software, (Robcad, Process Simulate, Delmia) that enable robots to be incorporated, in order to perform various industrial processes.

It also involves examining production tools for trades within different industries, as well as their environment.

These robotic simulations allow us to obtain a complete overview of the entire project by:

  • confirming production times,
  • reducing the repetition of studies,
  • improving the quality of production
  • adapting to changes in the client’s product in real time.

We are the guarantors of optimisation and technical feasibility.

“All these studies are necessary to achieve excellence in terms of manufacturing and require us to be extremely thorough in our work.”

Agnès – CAE Designer

The International Federation of Robotics states that there may soon be more than 3 million robots in use in industry around the world.