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The profound transition affecting today’s energy sector places stakeholders in a strategic position where there are many challenges to overcome. Energy sources are very diverse (oil, nuclear, gas, solar, wind, etc.), and each one has its own mode of operation.

Our core business

We muster all of our energy to always give our customers the best and to guarantee quality and on-time delivery.

Our teams support contractors in moving towards Industry 4.0.

Our experts are able to carry out all of your studies alongside your teams, incorporating the constraints relating to your sector.

Our expertise at your service

SEIMAF’s expertise covers all industries that import, produce, transform, distribute and supply energy of all kinds (thermal, nuclear, or the new energies). Over the years, our company has established a solid reputation in this field, thanks to the strength and spirit of our teams.

  • Studies in the preliminary outline, final design and detailed phases
  • Revamping
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Structural steel work
  • Civil engineering - Roads and external works
  • PIDs
  • Pipes – Support structures
  • On-site surveys
  • Installation of mechanical equipment
  • Air duct routing, HVAC
  • Cable duct routing
  • Equipment support studies
  • Maintenance trolley studies
  • Laser scanning

Whatever your sector


From the development of nuclear equipment or installations to their decommissioning, SEIMAF supports contractors to help them with project management, design phases, engineering supervision, coordination and worksite supervision.

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Thermal power

We give you the benefit of our experience in the thermal power sector to help you achieve better energy and environmental performances.

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Oil and gas

SEIMAF guides you in accelerating your development by helping to bring your projects to life: Consulting, pre-project studies, coordination and technical studies.

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Renewable energies

Against a background of constant innovation in the renewable energy sector, covering areas such as solar boilers, photovoltaics or biomass, we are developing the highest possible level of professional expertise in each of these technologies to enable you to achieve your goals.

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In our team members’ own words


Design Office Manager, Noisy Branch

Performing an installation study means being connected to every link in the design chain, in order to take it through to ‘OK for implementation’ status.
Layout studies, pipe routing, support structures, creation of guide drawings, piping arrangements and support drawings represent our various areas of expertise.