The SEIMAF Group

Study and engineering specialist

28 years’ experience and comprehensive support

The Group supports its industrial clients (Naval, Nuclear, Energy, Thermal Power, Automotive, Aerospace, Agri-food, Steel, etc.) with their productivity improvement processes and has been an essential figure throughout their projects, from processes to details, and from preliminary outlines to installation, since 1994.

Industry: our vocation

The company is centred around our design office and technical support

Our desire to work with industrial operators, to help them maximise their performance and responsiveness, dates back to 1994.

For the last fifty years, a major industrial turning point has forced manufacturers to refocus on their core business to improve their competitiveness and flexibility. As a result, they need to make use of external consulting firms, which have both the capacity to help them improve their clients’ technologies, processes and costs, whilst also optimising market constraints in terms of flexibility, competitiveness and, above all, updating their skills.

The Engineering and Technical Consulting Group The SEIMAF Group was born from an awareness of this situation and, to maximise interaction with its clients, its business model is based on a global “à la carte” way of working.

As a Project Engineer, I need to provide technical expertise in order to ensure that our clients are satisfied




Who are we?

The trust our clients place in us is the result of our employees’ hard work over more than two decades

Gilles GLAD, Founder of SEIMAF

A bit of history …

SEIMAF, founded in 1994, has gained a reputation for professionalism, the quality of its services, and its teams’ determination always to provide excellent service to its clients.

To keep improving its response to client needs, SEIMAF has opened new branches:

  • 1994 : Le Plessis-Robinson branch
  • 2004: Bucharest branch
  • 2012: Noisy-le-Grand branch
  • 2017: Saint-Herblain branch
  • 2017: Flamanville branch
  • 2018: Bristol UK branch
  • 2018: Cherbourg branch
  • 2019 : Paris branch

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