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Jean Pierre

Technical Director, Engineering

My role is to develop the service concept with production and project staff by making the most of my responsiveness, expertise and ability to listen to our clients’ requirements.
I am responsible for guaranteeing the performance, reliability and consistency of all the studies entrusted to us.
Thanks to my passion for my work, today, I pass on my know-how to young graduates joining SEIMAF, so that they are able, in turn, to make progress in our exciting sector.

Christian Jehanno

Design Office Manager, Saint-Herblain Branch

Working at SEIMAF has given me the opportunity to learn about different sectors and broaden my knowledge. As a project manager, this has enabled me to satisfy my
appetite for variety by coordinating mechanical,
conveying, general installation and other projects.
I currently manage the Saint-Herblain office, and I won’t get tired of my job any time soon.

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STAGE : Business Manager F/H

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