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A profound transition of the trades and the sector

Today’s stakeholders are obliged to comply with numerous environmental standards. These are necessary for the sake of human welfare, but they still represent additional constraints for which solutions must be found.
These new challenges must now be incorporated into an environmental conservation approach: Preserving biodiversity, designing sites differently, reducing environmental impact, etc.

Our expertise is based on our human capital and our CAD facilities. Over the last 25 years, SEIMAF has acquired solid experience through its involvement in many projects covering issues relating to the treatment of water, air and fumes.

Our teams can provide the support you need in accordance with your technical and financial requirements.

Our expertise at your service

The aim is to adapt existing infrastructures to the new challenges of the 21st century. This adaptation requires constant monitoring of new systems, and processes optimised to satisfy both environmental and efficiency requirements.

  • General installation studies in the preliminary outline and final design phases
  • Pipes – Support structures
  • PIDs
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural steel work
  • HVAC routing
  • Cable duct routing
  • Duct and casing design
  • Calculations
  • Manufacturing plans
  • Laser scanning

Whatever your sector, SEIMAF is there for you:

Water treatment

Waste water
With its in-depth knowledge of various trades, including treatment plants or the industrial sector (settling pond, filtration or biological treatment), SEIMAF is involved from the pre-project to the installation study phase.

Desalination of sea water
The desalination of sea water has become vital at a time when water shortages are becoming more acute. Sea water represents an almost inexhaustible resource and
is increasingly being used in the production of drinking water.

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Air handling

SEIMAF has a team of experts with many years’ experience of conducting air treatment studies (fumes, effluent, pollutants, etc.). We maintain exacting standards to ensure our teams of experts are able to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

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In our team members’ own words


Project Manager

I have been a general installation “project management” engineer for 5 years now. The wide variety of projects I have worked on in different industrial sectors, as well as the technical challenges to be overcome, have allowed me to develop at every stage and to continue improving my design and project management skills within projects.