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Trainings within SEIMAF:

SEIMAF regularly organises core expertise and software training.

Training, which is essential within our technical engineering sectors, is one of the company’s linchpins. Every manager within the group is tasked with passing on his or her experience and knowledge to less experienced staff, with a strong sense of team spirit, which guarantees everyday learning. The transfer of knowledge is an integral part of our culture. This is one of the major goals of our Design Offices.

Specific training is developed in-house, based on 25 years’ experience as a Design Office, and is routinely offered to our staff.

It is broken down into modules that vary in length – From one day to fifteen days – and focuses on “core expertise” (Installations, mechanical design, etc.) and CAD (software, calculation, project management, etc.).

All of this training allows us to both meet the ad hoc needs of our design offices and to prepare our staff, in a highly responsive manner, for assignments on clients’ premises.

Opportunities for development in different sectors on different sites
Ways of broadening your core expertise.