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Facing new challenges in the sector

At the heart of the industries of today and tomorrow, SEIMAF works with stakeholders in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and many other industries. We are a large-scale partner with a network of design engineers and technicians who will work hand-in-hand with you. Our experts are able to carry out all of your studies alongside your teams.

Our core business

The race to Industry 4.0 is on and participants are now equipping themselves with “Next-generation” manufacturing facilities to cope with ever-more demanding requirements.

Such a profound transformation of the materials sector must be accompanied by high-performance engineering and technical supervision.

Our expertise at your service

To comply with specifications like these, new technologies have proved essential and have given rise to connected, smart and automated production sites. Our experts have a genuine head start with software such as Process Simulate, Robcad and Delmia. They provide process, operations management and manufacturing solutions, which will improve overall production in order to achieve operational excellence.

  • Project supervision and management
  • Process definition & validation
  • General installation studies
  • Special machine designs
  • Handling - Conveying - Lifting - Hoist designs
  • Mechanical equipment designs
  • Layout
  • Civil engineering - Structures - Gangways
  • Access - Maintenance
  • Protection - Security
  • Calculations
  • Laser scanning

Whatever your sector, SEIMAF is there for you:


Our engineering design offices work in the industrial sector. All of our services will help you optimise the performance of your processes and core activities.

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SEIMAF examines and analyses your requirements, to provide you with tailor-made solutions for your processes and production lines.
Our expertise in many different sectors allows us to cover a wide range of activities.

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Metal industry

SSEIMAF operates in the sheet metal work, pressing, boilermaking, foundry and metalworking sectors. Our highly qualified staff allow us to support you from the start of your projects, until the ideal solution has been identified and implemented.

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Robotic simulation

We are the leader on the robotic feasibility market because we understand the issues of this very special environment, where technology is advancing rapidly and industries are seeking to improve the productivity and satisfaction of their work teams.

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In our team members’ own words

Christian Jehanno

Design Office Manager, Saint-Herblain Branch

Working at SEIMAF has given me the opportunity to learn about different sectors and broaden my knowledge. As a project manager, this has enabled me to satisfy my
appetite for variety by coordinating mechanical,
conveying, general installation and other projects.
I currently manage the Saint-Herblain office, and I won’t get tired of my job any time soon.