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New head office

This new site provides added value for all our employees.A user-friendly site for our clients. SEIMAF is expanding Just 10 minutes from…

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The service concept

For me, being on an assignment means both providing my technical expertise and being able to very quickly integrate new teams.

Hear from the experts

My expertise

Our aim is to devote ourselves to this service concept for each project we are entrusted with, regardless of SEIMAF‘s geographic location. Each…

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Let’s combine our energies

THE COMPETITIVENESS CLUSTER FOR THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY As a member of “Nuclear Valley”, which is the only state-approved dedicated…

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Member of BECBC

SEIMAF UK has joined the British Energy Coast Business cluster, a set of companies grouped by sector and heavily involved in the…

Hear from the experts

Welcoming young graduates!

As the Manager of the Design Office in Bucharest for more than 14 years, I place great emphasis on team working, which makes use…


Industry 4.0

Today, collaboration between man and machine is becoming a reality. The benefits provided by robots within industry are no longer in doubt. Humans and…

Events/trade show

World Nuclear Exhibition

For our first appearance at the “World Nuclear Exhibition” trade show, the SEIMAF Group invested in a large stand to match its ambitions.

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An establishment in England

SEIMAF is a member of the #WalesNuclearForum association, a major player in the nuclear sector in the United Kingdom, which brings…